Our new ravens

Posted by Igraine hustwitt Skelton on August 12, 2014 at 5:55 AM

I have been very lax in not keeping you all up to date with how our ravens are doing. I was saddened by the loss of Ramases Neffetari, then Daya Desta, and my beautiful white necked raven Arthur, to that terrible illness. Vivian has however fought of the disease, and has flourished in the last few months.

We were able to purchase two comman ravens from a falconary lady in Northhamptonshire, one male one female. Going by the names of Mongo and Mortimer. They had been in the avairy together, but Mortimer obviously did not feel attracted to Mongo. He had built a nest for the last three years, but nothing else happened. Mortimer is a very timid bird and I think she felt intimidated by Mongo, he is( a big lad). We thought about trying Mortimer at the castle. So we brought her into the house in a large cage so Izabella would not bully her. She was settled until you looked at her, then she would turn manic. So we put her back outside in the avairy. We put Vivian in with Mongo, and hey presto, within five minutes she displayed to him fanning her tail. They now sit on the perch together with their beaks entwined. It is such a touching sight. I am going to try and get a photo to upload. We are hopeful they will go on and breed next spring. We will be doing a springwatch and have camera's above the nest platform. So you will be able to follow their progress. It also means we can watch the nest without having to bother the birds. Ringing the chicks will be a major task.

In other news there is a pair of white necked ravens for sale, plus a male bird. I would like to purchase all three, but am hoping I can secure finance for the male at least. I am hoping he is hand reared, then he can go to the castle, but have not heard back about this yet. I think thats all for now. Just to say Gabriel has increased her film portfolio, she has stared in a film with Jez Colbourn a welknown disabled actor in a film called 'The sound of the Sirens'. She has also been in Glass cannons Viking film ' Holmganga'. And this Sunday the 17th August she is filming with Warrick Davies at Mother Shiptons cave.

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