new ravens settling in.

Posted by Igraine hustwitt Skelton on July 17, 2016 at 4:25 PM

Our two new raven chicks, Emyrus a common raven and Odo our African white neck raven are settling in well at the castle, Odo came from a conservation centre in Italy. He is now nearly three months old and still silly tame as they say. This means at the moment he can be stroked by the visitors. Arthur our adult white neck was very placid, so I am hoping Odo will not get like the common ravens and start to nip. Emyrus is now almost four months old also a male but he is showing signs of aggression, if this continues he will have to become an aviary bird. But it could just be a fleeting phase, as he gets older he might settle down. He has taken to standing on the fist very well, but once on he starts to peck at the glove and wanders up people's arm. I need to spend some one to one time with him, but I am so busy trying to get as much blacksmithing done (my other job) before the six week school holidays, because then I will be at the castle everyday.

For those who are fans of Raven Izabella, she has her own facebook page. Knaresborough castle raven Izabella, so you can keep up with her antics there.

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