Nest building with gusto

Posted by Igraine hustwitt Skelton on February 22, 2015 at 11:00 AM

I do not want to tempt fate, but both Mongo and Vivian have been busy all week nest building. It is huge, they have nearly used all the sticks I put in for them. Gave them some more this am and some more nest lining. Will post some photo's when I have taken some. They caught me off gaurd, so I never got chance to put a web cam in. The nest is so high, if they carry on vivian will not be able to get into it. The weather has turned now raining, but am hopeful for first egg mid week. Then it will just be an egg, Mongo is a big bird, territorial now, so what he will be like when there are eggs in the nest, so I am not even going to try and candle them. This next month is going to be nerve wracking, waiting for the possible cries of raven chicks. It has been along time coming, 7 years since our last chicks, and only Mourdour living to adulthood. Foget the year of the sheep, could this be the year of the raven????

             In other news, went to the viking film night saw Holmgana the film Gabriel was in only a short film 11 minutes but what a film , it was terrific, Gabriel looked wonderful, not like she does at the moment, feathers hanging out everywhere, going to the vet with her friday, she is just not herself, then she is nearly 15, but she has come quite moody almost vicious, especially towards me, I hope she is ok. Some superstions say, for new life to be born, a life must be lost. I hope we do not get chicks at the expense of Gabriel.

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