Happy but sad news.

Of cause we are the castle ravens. But we do also take in other birds usually injured or young corvid chicks. George was only saying a couple of weeks ago that we had not had any baby crows for at least four years. then guess what we got three within a week. One we even found in our own garden We called  one Moluga which is South African for wizard. The second we named Romero because he was found at the edge of the footpath near an Alfa Romero garage on our way back from the smithy. The one we found in our garden who is quite old but very small and obviously inbred due to a lot of missing feathers we called Tiny Tim. We have fed the birds up and the two older ones were released into the garden this morning. We let them go off together because they seemed to have developed a friendship. Normally we would take them back to where they were found. But in this instance we thought they would want to be together, So we just took them into the garden so what happens. one goes one way the other in the opposite direction. I do not know if I will ever see them again. But after a few tears I knew I had to let go of them. Some do stay local for a few months, some even come in the garden, so maybe these two will. I am sad for Tiny Tim, because he has no one except me to protect him from Mourdour, who of lately has shown very jealous tendencies to our guests and thus has spent a lot of time in the sin bin, for being mean. I do hope that in time Tiny Tim can also go. But he does not fly very well due to the lack of feathers, But with a good diet and some of the ravens supplements he may well grow decent feathers when he has his first moult. We will just have to wait and see.